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Welcome to The Fiberglass Depot, your one-stop online shop for quality fiberglass and fiberstone planters.  We also offer custom precast products at discounted wholesale prices. Choose and buy online from our wide selection of contemporary fiberglass and fiberstone planters with custom colors available for all models. The Fiberglass Depot is proud to offer a variety of styles to suit every customer’s style and preference.  Our online store is also stocked with exciting products such as water fountains, decorative columns and architectural panels, built to your specification.

Since 2011, the Fiberglass Depot has been selling quality fiberglass and fiberstone planters from our home in California. These exceptionally crafted and durable products are perfect for the home or office. Our planters bring will bring sophistication to your lobby, brighten up your pool deck, and add that finishing touch to your home staging.

We provide free shipping on all of our fiberglass planters to anywhere in the continental US, and be sure to check out our volume discounts and professional discounts programs for extra savings! For more information, contact us today.



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Florence Urn Planter


tall column fiberglass planter
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rectangular fiberglass planter
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tall column fiberglass planter
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Fano Style Trash Receptacle
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